Auto-Rename Files Using Python

Auto-Rename Files Using Python

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Hi there👋, do you download videos from Youtube, and do you have a hard time renaming them since they come with the downloader tool's name appended to the name?

I personally use Y2mate and I am usually lazy going from one file to another and removing the -y2mate extension.

Python came to my rescue and I now do monthly renaming at once with a simple running of my script in seconds.

If you have Python installed, you do not need to pip install anything! We shall be using the os module which comes pre-bundled in the standard library.

Here is the script! Make necessary changes to the specific folders and what you want to rename. For example, my goal was to remove " - "which automatically adds while downloading

import os

folder_paths = ["C:/Users/Ronnie Atuhaire/Downloads/", 
                        "C:/Users/Ronnie Atuhaire/Downloads/weeks b4/",
                        "C:/Users/Ronnie Atuhaire/Downloads/Last week/", 
                        "C:/Users/Ronnie Atuhaire/Downloads/Today/",
                        "E:/", "E:/New folder/", 
                        "E:/New folder (2)/", 
                         "E:New folder (3)/", 
                         "E:/old/", "E:/Today/",
                         "C:/Users/Ronnie Atuhaire/Downloads/week b4/",

filenames = []
text_to_remove = " - ".strip('')
for folder in folder_paths:
    # print(folder)
    for count, filename in enumerate(os.listdir(folder)):
        # print(count, filename)
        if text_to_remove in filename:
            filenames.append(folder + filename)

for count, new_file in enumerate(filenames):
    # print(count, new_file)
    old_name = new_file
    new_name = new_file.replace(text_to_remove, '')
    print(count, new_name)
    os.rename(old_name, new_name)

I tried using self-descriptive variable naming and I guess there is nothing much to explain if you are already familiar with Python basics.

✔ I created a list of my folders where the script should search
Note that I used a forward slash or you can use r to represent a raw string

✔I did a nested for loop to loop through the folders using enumerate() and os.listdir()
enumerate() allows us to iterate through a sequence but it keeps track of both the index and the element.

The enumerate() function takes in an iterable as an argument, such as a list, string, tuple, or dictionary.

os.listdir() method in python is used to get the list of all files and directories in the specified system directory

✔ I created another for loop and used python replace() and os.rename() to do the file editing.

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That's It!
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