How To Become  Extremely Good At Programming!

How To Become Extremely Good At Programming!

Hey fellow coder👋, welcome to my blog. Today, we shall see what makes good programmers good.

Have you been wondering how those guys made it? It could be your neighbour, fellow student, that genius at the hackathon ...etc... Well the algorithm is very simple and it works just equally for everyone and you do not need a special brain to be one too.

The Secret at becoming extremely good, as in really good at coding like this guy:


The True Secret Is :::: scroll 👇 ...

The Truth is :::: 👇


Yeah, You really want to know the truth?


Just Scroll a little bit more...


Woaah😲...The Cat Is Here... It's Out Of The Bag 👀

Stop Reading This Article and Go Practice with your hands by building small to big projects!

Yeah you heard right, I don't want to waste your time here but just do me a favour and go code in your favourite language to avoid tutorial hell and with time everything will make sense.

good_programmer = {
    "resilience": True,
    "lifeLongLearner": True,
    "practice": "Always",
    "Time": "On",
    "comparison": None    

Create your own key:value pairs and push/update to the above dict in the comments section!

Here is some Python code to get you started on practising 🙂

more = float('inf')

while alive:
    code += more

Maybe you need to wrap that in a recursive function😂.


set Repeat to True

Being a programmer is really hard and a tight paper!

You often if not always have to deal with rivalry, people who undermine you to better valorize themselves. They even come to spend more time undermining and making smear campaigns than they actually work.



Now I don't know if you enjoyed this little piece, but if you did, subscribe for a real part two of this article is coming where I will explain the highs and lows in programming and more elaboration about becoming a world-class programmer.

Before I leave: There is nothing like a genius programmer.
Watch This👇, It is an old video by Google!

The Myth of the "Genius Programmer"

Disclaimer: I am not yet that programmer too but with time everything will fall in place.

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