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iPhone 13 Review: Release Date: Specs: i0S15

iPhone 13 Review: Release Date: Specs: i0S15

iPhone 13 Full Review In Just 3 Minutes!

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Finally, the wait is over for Apple Enthusiasts! The iPhone 13 is here, and I have all the details on the new iPhone, including a smaller notch, brighter displays, faster A15 Bionic chip and serious camera upgrades. The battery life is longer, too.

image.png For the first time ever, one might own a phone with 1 TB Storage 🙌 !

iPhone 13 comes under four main models. I usually want to say that the Pro name is usually a marketing and promotion term.

All the iPhone 13's get a new feature called Cinematic mode. It uses the rear cameras or the True Depth camera array to create a 1080p video at 30 frames per second.

image.png What makes the video compelling is that everything but your subject is out of focus. The iPhone can even execute a rack focus from one subject to another. The effect is dramatic and impressive.

✨ Specs

image.png New with the iPhone 13 is the A15 Bionic system-on-chip, Apple’s most advanced chip ever. It’s built on a 5nm process with six cores. Two of those are new high-powered cores, while the remaining four are more efficient than before. And with enhancements to the Neural Engine, the iPhone 13 has powerful machine learning applications such as iOS 15’s new Live Text feature and Siri’s on-device speech recognition. image.png For the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini, the quad-core GPU is perfect for graphically intensive gaming and photography uses. In fact, Apple claims the GPU is 30% faster than the best you’ll find on an Android phone.

Check the table below for comparisons of the iPhone 13 Models


✨ Release Date

The iPhone 13 release date is September 24 for all four models. The iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are all now available to pre-order in the U.S. and U.K.

✨ iOS 15

According to Apple, the new os for iPhones is available as of yesterday but it had initially revealed iOS 15 at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference on June 7. image.png The top iOS 15 features include:
🚀 Updates to FaceTime that will let you watch videos and share content with others
🚀 A new Focus mode for managing notifications
🚀 Improvements to Maps, Messages, Weather and other built-in apps
🚀 New Keys and State IDs Come to Apple Wallet
🚀 More Privacy Controls

We're waiting to find out about iPhone 13-specific features hidden in iOS 15, which Apple didn't mention in its presentation.

🤳 Buy the new iPhone if:

You own an older iPhone ✔

If you own an iPhone 12, the iPhone 13 likely isn’t for you, as there’s not enough that’s new here to merit the upgrade – but if you own an older iPhone, such as an iPhone 8 or iPhone XR, there’s plenty to be excited about.

You need good battery life ✔

The battery life on the iPhone 13 is a big step up over what we’ve seen from previous iPhone models. If you need a smartphone that’s capable of lasting a full day on a full charge, opt for this iPhone over older and cheaper models.

You want lots of power ✔

The iPhone 13 is a powerful smartphone, and it’s one of the most capable handsets we’ve ever used. If you need lots of power you’ll get that here, without having to step up to the iPhone 13 Pro.

And most importantly, you should buy it if you can afford it!

Obviously, there was a lot more that was unveiled at the latest Sept Apple Event:
View More here at cnet! image.png


That's it I had for the iPhone 13 today, If you want to read more:
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