My Top Highlights & Achievements In 2021!

My Top Highlights & Achievements In 2021!

2021 Was Indeed Great! 2022 Will Be Better!

Hello there, probably it is your first time here. Welcome to my blog today, I will be sharing the top personal highlights and achievements I have been able to attain in 2021!

PV.PNG I started off this year roaming around like a headless chicken trying to get a place to rent. I had not officially started serious coding and as I shared in my journey as a self-taught programmer, I started learning Python in December 2020.

So I set out achievable goals and things I wanted to see after the end of 2021!
Here are some of those goals.
Become good with Python
Connect With fellow developers
Start Tech Blogging
Youtube Vlogging
Graphics Editing
Deliver 3 Major personal projects
Have 3 or More Educational Certificates.
Start Saving or Investing

I am proud to say that I have achieved all the above and feel free to check all my links here to see all those projects and everything I have aforementioned above.

The last point above is ridiculous and I did not know if I would achieve it since I had no job but I knew that tech would start paying me and had a little faith which actually came through!

So here is my sweet timeline broken down into 4 quarters of the year! Hope you enjoy & be inspired!

First Quarter:

I started off the year delivering my first official website, buying domain + hosting which was all new to me given I had just 3 to 4 months in my programming journey.

image.png I delivered this website where this blog is sub-domained on my Birthday and to me, it was a special way of celebrating my birthday. and from then, I have promised myself to deliver projects on such important days as a way of cheering up and celebrating.

I got enrolled at Code IT Institute where I started learning Python, AWS & Blockchain in early March. In this program, I got a Python Certificate from Python Institute and an overall Code IT Certificate of completion later in the last quarter of the year.

I continued learning and challenging myself with Python and started officially pushing small projects and what I have learnt on my GitHub.

Second Quarter:

I started Vlogging on Youtube doing only tech-related content and Python tutorials and I have neve looked back. Every Saturday I make a video, I am not yet there but trust me I feel so nice and inspired that I at least got started. Check my Youtube channel and please subscribe too.

image.png In this same quarter, I started blogging about Tech with this particular blog having done that on Twiter for over 2 years. I came across Hashnode and everything became so easy and clear.

Third Quarter: Participated in Hackathons on DevFest for Celo Crypto, participated in a locally organised one called Women In Fintech where my team became the fifth. Got involved in another Agri-Hackathon which I did not fully end.

image.png These hackathons have connected and taught me and I recall where I had to use a technology I was not familiar with (Node JS) to easily implement something.

Some of the projects I have created in the hackathons are:

Feel free to check them out, I also learnt how to collaborate as a developer and mastered most git commands and I am glad to have been part of these and I look forward to having more of these.

I started making small savings from the little pennies I collected from tech freelancing.

Fourth Quarter
Graduated from Code IT Institute and the best 5 received internships starting November. I participated in a DevFest organised by Makerere GDSC which I am a part of. I attended more tech workshops and gatherings.

image.png I enrolled in the Internet School of Government Ugandan Chapter where we learnt various Internet-related topics, terms and particularly cyber security. See my Certificate here:

I may not have started earning lots of money but all I can say is I have started earning from Tech with digital marketing and web development. I also get a monthly stipend from the Internship program. I am grateful.

In case you missed these lines: Let's connect and be friends!
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Linked In Profile
Twitter Handle
My Blog
YouTube Channel
My Resume
Any Other Info

Some Bragging:
My Blog has 21,000 + Views so far since September 2021
I have over 20 Tech Videos with over 300 Views & 60 Subscribers
I have connected with over 80 Devs
I made my first open-source contribution on and received a token of appreciation since I was the first contributor!
I made over 300$ in Tech Freelancing
Participated in over 3 Hackathons with 1 Win


2021 In Media!


2.png I believe for more wins and great improvement in my tech knowledge because I strive to learn something new every day and I dub myself a Tech Life Long Learner and I know surely Tech is going to change me and my family!

Have you ever reached in the middle of the year and be like even if the year ended today. I have achieved what I wanted.

All I can say is; I connected with like-minded people, learnt together, challenged ourselves and above all became friends.

Watch Preview:

I believe there is a lot to learn. Let me buckle up for 2022! Happy New Year & Happy Coding!

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