My Youtube Channel in 5 Years!

My Youtube Channel in 5 Years!

Summarised in a few lines!

Hello there, today I felt like sharing my channel over here and how it has been like over the years from the time I signed up.

Okay, this is just a Behind-the-scenes clip with my friend! Just for humour purposes only😉.

Well, I became part of the Google family in late 2014. One of the services that I enjoyed most back then was Google+ (sorry this was deprecated). I started using the email officially in 2015 which later introduced me to Youtube which had been existing for about 8 years by then!

I made my first publication the preceding year in April with a title ( Imagine !). It was a 21 seconds long video. It's been five years now, do you care to know how many views I have on that video... yeah, you guessed wrong😒. They are just two freaking views for a span of five years!


Yeah, the life of creative content creation is hard! Among the millions of people who watch Youtube on a daily, only two people have ever stumbled across my short video which I happened to have stolen 🤣.

Anyway, the most video with views on my channel has over 700 views and it's a live recording of some performance. My channel has about 24 videos by the time of writing with about 30 subscribers...yeah that's right...

The plot

If you are still with me, allow me to introduce you to Afro Boy Techs! Starting a month ago, I decide to find a niche where I will focus mainly on tech, programming, DIYs and anything related and I started off with Python Beginner Series doing small projects with live coding and the most views I have had so far are 14 of this video 👇

I am not yet there in terms of editing, gear, recording and killer content but one thinking I can affirm is that slowly I will reach there. Kindly like, support me, subscribe so that we hack the youtube algorithm.

Some Youtube Stats For You:

🔹Most watched video - Baby Shark (9B Views)
🔹Most Disliked video - Youtube Rewind (Own Video)
🔹Top Tech Influencer - MKBHD
🔹Internet Traffic - Second after Google
🔹Everyday people watch one billion hours of videos on YouTube
🔹YouTube has 2.3 billion users worldwide.
🔹79 percent of Internet users have their own YouTube account.
🔹Over Six hundred hours of video uploaded per minute!

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