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Programming Is Not Hard If You Are This Person

Programming Is Not Hard If You Are This Person

Top Ten Characteristics Programmers Have In Common

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Sep 30, 2021

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Hello fellow coder, reader, tech enthusiast ! Welcome to my blog once again! Today, we are going to see some not all characteristics and attributes top programmers have or what makes them.

Is Programming For Me 儭?

image.png Well, you must have been wondering why the hell you started learning how to code since up to now things seems not to make sense at all and maybe you are stuck in Tutorial Hell and you want to jump out of the loop.

Hard Truth: You are not alone!

Almost all programmers I have met face the same issue thinking that they have not yet reached the destination they want to be. Well, the good news is that feeling or call it imposter syndrome will always be there and it takes more than that to have affirmed belief into something.

So once again, you will find programming easy if you already have these traits in no particular order:

A passion for computers

It might go without saying, but computer programmers generally love what theyre working with. If you were the kid who spent hours playing and tinkering with the code of computer games and helping the adults in your life make their technology function well, a career that focuses on computers will likely be a great fit for you.


Its certainly a jump from setting up your grandmas new computer to developing software, but theres no denying youll need to feel comfortable working with technology.

Having a grasp on how hardware functions will ultimately guide the software created for it. So having an established comfort level with general computer-related knowledge is a great starting point.

A Great Gamer

Now, this is a personal opinion but I have found out gaming helps increase my flow while coding. Playing action video games can improve cognitive skills like problem-solving, the ability to focus, and reaction timesgains that you can carry into programming:

image.png Brain games and puzzles boost my IQ and my zeal for problem-solving.

Sometimes when am playing games, I imagine how the code looks like and I keep wondering which programming language(s) are under the hood.


As a programmer, you will be spending a lot of time working alone. Even if theres no one in the room, you need to keep yourself in the working zone for quite a lot of time. This brings us to self-discipline.

image.png You need to stay focused and dedicated to the work youre doing. You need to keep yourself motivated to work for long days.

Endless Patience

Lines of code, problem-solving and customer service all have one thing in common: They require a lot of patience and most of the time they don't make sense. If youre someone who gets easily ruffled and annoyed, a job in computer programming may not be ideal for you.

Debugging software can take a lot of time and effort, with many dead ends along the way. Patience and a methodical nature are valuable skills for any programmer to possess.

image.png Programming is not painless, says Victoria George, General Manager at The Coder School. Your IDE will tell you if your program works or it doesnt without sugar coating. You need to learn to be creative, persistent and resilient.

A penchant for problem-solving

Writing code and creating software exists in order to make things easier for companies, systems and the general public at large. If you see the world as a puzzle to be solved, youll like the mysteries and complexities found in the realm of computer programming.

image.png If youre inspired by riddles and like the challenge of fixing what doesnt work, youll enjoy programming.

Think of programming as digital tinkeringsometimes youll have to dig into the guts of a computer program and try to work backwards to figure out how to solve an issue.

An Innate Desire to Learn

The world of technology is ever-shifting, and new trends and information are being produced on the tech front every day.

image.png Not only are computer programmers continually learning how things work and how to properly put the pieces together, but programming language and code, as well as technologies and tools, are constantly evolving.

A lot of jobs might also expect you to learn a technology they use that is slightly different from what you are used to, says Ben Fremer, web developer and founder of Best SEO Tools. The underlying concepts are generally the same, so its more like learning new ways to apply to your skills He goes on to explain that as one technology declines in popularity and another surge, the best programmers are able to adjust their skills accordingly to stay marketable.

image.png While a degree in the field will certainly prepare you for your career, the learning doesnt stop once you have your diploma in hand. Its important that programmers stay curious and continue taking the initiative to keep learning throughout their careers.

A desire for efficiency

Does a poorly-loaded dishwasher or backtracking on a road trip get under your skin? You might have the perfect mindset for programming. It may seem silly, but programmers spend a lot of their time eliminating redundant work or finding ways to automate tedious processes. Brian Geisel, CEO of Geisel Software, sees this desire for efficiency as a sort of productive laziness.

image.png If youre lazy enough, youll work hard to make sure you never have to do anything twice on a computer, Geisel says.

Much of a programming career is seeking out the best possible way to solve a problem or do a task, so if you are wired for efficiency and get a kick out of maximizing time, youll find quite a bit of satisfaction in programming work.

Logical thinking

Being a logical thinker is one of the most important virtues we see in a good programmer. If you have logical thinking, you will easily be able to find answers to the problems.

image.png All it requires is for you to think about the solution with a calm mind and use all your knowledge and logic. The ability to handle a problem in a logical, analytical way is what makes a great programmer different from others.

Ability to Pay Attention to Details

Due to the complexities involved, programming is not a task for people who dont sweat the small stuff. It is instead an exercise in paying attention to the smallest details.

image.png Thats because its very easy to let small coding errors snowball into much larger issues, and not all of them will be obvious until you try your program and get an unexpected result.

A desire to put things in order

Paying close attention to detail is a must with computer programming because one tiny mistake can cause a domino effect, says Jonathan Razza, Senior Director of emerging technologies at Liasion Technologies.

image.png If you have an affinity for ordering things so that theyre just so, you might find a lot of satisfaction in writing code and creating software. Computer programs require a logical series of inputs and actions to create the desired outcome, so having a perfectionists eye for detail and organizational ability will serve you well.

In The End ->



Well, I am glad you have read up to this point but one thing I can part with you is that even you do not have all those traits or a single one of them, you can still make a good programmer if you manually adapt or adopt them.

My Inspiration to write this article was from Rasmussen University's Blog.

Push yourself beyond the limits and the sky will never be the limit.

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Happy Learning Happy Coding

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