Scraping Websites That Require Login In Python

Scraping Websites That Require Login In Python

Hi , one of the things I enjoy using my Python skills is web scraping, I actually find it fun and I once wrote a blog here on how I scraped Jumia.


For me, it's like magic, but recent, I have encountered websites that require logins and you can't do much until you create a session.

Wait, What is Scraping?

Web scraping refers to the extraction of data from a website. You can later dump this data in form of JSON, CSV, text etc. Web scraping has been around but has been changing names which I think, all refer to the same thing.

Some call it web mining or web data extraction or whatever you may want to call it but I believe the references point to the same thing. Data Mining might slightly differ.

image.png There are vast uses of the extracted data.


I tried some options using curl in the network inspection of my chrome dev tools and it did not yield a viable solution and later found out that I could actually use requests and initiate a session with a payload.

You could also try out other web scraper apps, selenium and other online options available on the internet but for your own learning and code production, I recommend this.

Before you begin, you will need two elements to post a response to a site and login:
The name of the field attributes you want to push data to
The url of the page the data actually posts unto the backend

I will use Walmart to demonstrate this:

Go to Walmart Sign In Page

Right-click to Inspect

Get the name attributes for the required fields:

image.png For Walmart, it is email for the email address

image.png And password for Password


import requests

# Start the session
session = requests.Session()

# Create the payload
payload = {'email':'<YOUR  EMAIL>',
          'password':'<YOUR  PASSWORD>'

# Post the payload to the site to log in
s ="", data=payload)

# Navigate to the next page and scrape the data
s = session.get('')

GitHub Repo

Now Start Scraping with your code. See my Jumia Scraper

I will be building a simple web crawler in the next post, consider subscribing to keep posted. I will use the power of requests and beautiful soup to achieve this.

That's it!

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