Top 10 Python Powered Websites

Top 10 Python Powered Websites

Hi there👋, did you know that you can use Python for almost anything! Yes, you heard right?

Python has a huge library and these libraries create an ecosystem that can help with a range of development needs.

When we speak of web development, Python has a variety of these with Django being the most popular one.

Django recently announced the release of Django 4.0 and the current Python at the time of writing is Python 3.10.1

image.png I will be writing about popular web frameworks and libraries you can use in Python soon.

Tools like Wappalyzer , BuiltWith , W3Techs help us in identifying the tech stack of most websites but sometimes they really do not tell the whole story until you hear it from the horse's mouth.

Top Sites In No Particular Order

Quora ✔

The question-and-answer based platform uses Python web development for management. The founders need a fast programming language, and Python ensured that. In the last 5 years, the codebase has evolved drastically.

image.png Today, the Python application stands as a pillar for the complete development of Quora.

Bitly ✔

The popular URL shortener uses Python web programming for link management. Interestingly, the platforms came to existence all because of Python web development.

image.png It manages over 600 million links annually and is now the most used URL shortener in the world.

Disqus ✔

A famous commenting plugin, Disqus, moderates the incoming content and helps in controlling the comments. It makes use of Python and its framework Django for security features and regular security patches.

image.png The plugin allows multiple sign-ins and notifications to always keep users in the loop. Python programming is a major contributor to this.

Disqus has never been shy about deploying Django in their tech stack.

Reddit ✔

A social news aggregator platform, Reddit is commonly known as the front page of the internet. The company admires the programming languages for it's extensive libraries.

image.png The code is exceptionally expressive, readable, and simplistic enough for even new developers to begin coding on the project.

Spotify ✔

One of my favourites, Spotify, extensively uses Python in its codebase. Since the company wanted to focus on speed, they needed the simplicity and readability capabilities of Python. For IO-bound services, the company utilizes the Python async frameworks.

image.png Spotify has transformed the way we listen to music, it does by ML implementations via Python. To integrate things, it uses Django for its web applications and thus, you get a full python experience on Spotify.

Today, Spotify ranks as the top music streaming service in the world.

Dropbox ✔

One of the world’s largest cloud storage solutions providers, Dropbox uses Python web programming in its tech stack. It uses the programming language for file hosting and enables users to communicate seamlessly with different aspects of the application.

In 2012, Dropbox hired the man who created Python, Guido van Rossum, away from Google.

image.png Dropbox has deployed more than four million lines of Python code and is one of a growing number of companies that annotate code written in the dynamic programming language to make it easier to debug and understand.

Uber ✔

The ride-hailing application was born from Python. Their primary tech stack consists of Python, Node.js, Go, and Java. Python frameworks like Django and Flask are also massively used for building different applications like Uber.

image.png Uber engineers used all of its core languages at the time (Python, Node, Go, Java) to build its first marketplace. They still use it to an extent up to now!

YouTube ✔

A sister company of Google where Guido previously worked, YouTube was majorly written in Python.

YouTube - is a big user of Python, the entire site uses Python for different purposes: view video, control templates for website, administer video, access to canonical data, and many more. Python is everywhere on YouTube. - main website for Google developers.

image.png From 2005 to December 2012, Guido worked at Google , where he spent half of his time developing the Python language.

Netflix ✔

Developers at Netflix have the freedom to choose the technologies best suited for the job.

netflix-removebg-preview.png More and more, developers turn to Python due to its rich batteries-included standard library, succinct and clean yet expressive syntax, large developer community, and the wealth of third party libraries one can tap into to solve a given problem.

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Instagram ✔

Instagram employs Python in one of the world's largest settings, using it to implement the “business logic” needed to serve 800 million monthly active users.

instagram-removebg-preview.png Instagram uses the reference implementation of Python, known as CPython, as the runtime used to execute our code.

There are tons of other websites that utilise Python extensively and on a larger scale especially sites that do AI, ML, Natural language processing etc.


Honourable Mentions

✔ Pinterest
✔ Instacart
✔ Facebook
✔ Google
✔ Lyft

That's It! Google for more >>>

Some of these websites keep shifting their tech stack and this blog was to encourage fellow Pythonistas out there to continue coding and not to give up. Write those millions of Python, you can build anything with it!

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