What Happened To Y2Mate?

What Happened To Y2Mate?

As a self-taught developer, one of the many resources I listed in my learning journey post was Traversy Media's Youtube channel as I happen to be a very good visual learner. This channel helped me so much when I was learning web development and I still refer to it for a few things. Traversy Media is not the only channel I visit or download video content from, I often visit different channels like MKBHD, Ali Abdal, Free Code Camp, Wired, Coder Coder, Lofi Girl, CS Dojo to mention but a few.


Sometimes when I like the content, I would love to watch it over and over. Most times when I need it on my laptop in offline mode, It leads me to look for a versatile Youtube Downloader and over the years I came across Y2Mate which has been a darling to me and gives me different options and of all youtube downloaders that I have used. It seems fast and better .

When you visit y2mate official page;


Last week as of writing, when I reached the website as usual with my clipboard having a lot of links for download, I was left in dismay and unbelief by that unwelcoming message on the official website of Y2mate. I tried again but all in vain...

So what happened仄?

Untitled Design (9).png It appears the site has been shut down in most parts of the US, UK & Australia according to Digital Music News. The shutdown appears to be the result of a long-running battle with the RIAA, which represents major recording labels Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and Sony Music Entertainment.


So I tried Uptime, which basically tells me if the website is up or it's just me. These were the results;


It appears the website is up and down and the last streak it was running uninterrupted is one day and six hours by the time of writing.

problems.PNG As you can also see in the graph above, the number of problems reported have been increasing over the days especially since when the notice came about.

A few Hacks

I tried a few hacks by changing the sub-domain to "US", "UK", "UG" but all refused. It's unclear if Y2mate is getting shut down in specific countries or faces a complete global shutdown. Y2mate site itself appears to be functional but is getting geo-blocked based on the country which in turn calls for a VPN to change geolocation maybe.

Alternatives to downloading youtube videos online
  • Save From Net
  • Python's Pytube
  • 4K downloader
  • VideoProcc
  • Y2mate.Is

Browse the internet for more resources.

By Ronnie Atuhaire

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