What is PPV Model: PPV vs Subscription

What is PPV Model: PPV vs Subscription

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Content creators especially those in the video business and creation often have limited video monetization options. TVs, live streaming media, IPTVs, and other media channels are usually and mainly left with two options; that is Pay-per-view basis and subscription models. We shall what exactly is PPV and get to see how it differs between subscription models.

Many creators go ahead and offer their content behind a paywall and essentially becomes a pay-per-view basis by default. Let's set the ball rolling.

What is PPV?

Pay-per-view (PPV) is a sort of pay TV or webcast administration service that empowers a watcher to pay to watch individual shows through confidential broadcast. The telecast can also be public, hybrid, and private.

Pay-Per-View (PPV) actually means exactly what it sounds like. When you add PPV to a package, you have the ability to watch shows on a pay-per-view basismeaning,you pay for each individual show that you watch on that specific supported channel.

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Subscription Vs PPV

When it comes to video monetization, a subscription requires a viewer to pay for unlimited access to your content over a fixed amount of time. Pay-per-view, on the other hand, requires viewers to pay for access to individual pieces of content.

PPV model is for the most part for occasions, events, and sports while the content to hold clients or subscribers is for the most part movies and TV Shows. To hold clients for a drawn-out timeframe, you will require a membership methodology. With a developing subscriber base, you can capitalize on both your current and new index.

Recently, Multichoice in Nigeria rejected the PPV model to continue with its subscription-based model and it's of no shock. The PPV model I would say is good for events, especially one-time occasions. You may call or relate subscription-based as Pay As You Go model.


PPV is a simpler revenue model for businesses. The downside of it is that watchers are not committing to your brand in the long term, and this means that your long-term forecasting is not as accurate as it can be if the majority of your viewing figures are subscription based.


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