Why Everyone Should Learn Programming?

Why Everyone Should Learn Programming?

We currently live in the information and digital age. Computer programmers are working around the clock to automate workflows and you joining the bandwagon ain't bad either.

I must also mention before I proceed that you can learn programming just for fun, become a hobbyist, explore and adventure or even for the money but at least get the concepts.

Anyone can access anything provided they have an internet connection and a willingness to learn.

Now, this article is going to be an opinionated type and I won't list reasons why you should start computer programming. It is going to be a personal experience and the journey I decided to take which has yielded good fruits along the way.

I keep telling my friends how technology & software is eating the world every night and If you are reading this and you have been doubting whether to start or not.. just go all in! Overall it is not bad to learn a new skill .


I believe learning computer programming teaches one to think. It is not about knowing how to type lines of machine code or develop computer programmes, it's more about teaching one to think differently and be innovative.

There are many reasons why you should learn computer programming and for me what stands out is the logic I have gained. I have overcome problems that might arise in both the tech and non-tech worlds.
There is a predicted language extinction in our community due to western language domination. To revive this, I am currently developing a neural machine translation system for our native languages (Uganda).

Knowing how to programme has helped fix my own tech-related problems, and computer troubleshooting even though software development may be different from the hardware. It generally boosts your confidence to fix that particular issue at hand.

I have personally learned to be creative and pay attention to little details and make certain things easy to use and effective because coding involves a lot of problem-solving.


Sometimes debugging (fixing programme errors) can annoy me and that is because it can take several hours or even days trying to solve an issue and that has taught me resilience, patience and empathy.

There was a paradigm shift in the last two years of Covid-19 and todays world is more tech-driven than before and this trend has increased showing everyone that the world is for creatives now or those with digital skills.

I must say that digital skills may not involve programming but knowing how to, can save you a bunch of time and increase your efficiency. I remember when a colleague of mine wanted to split, merge and encrypt some confidential documents (PDFs) and we never wanted to rely on these online and third-party solutions. I drafted some python code that helped us achieve this.

I have also used Python to automate stuff if you have been following my blog and this alone has increased my productivity in other areas of work.

Before I end this article, maybe if you are going to embark on this journey, you might want to learn how to learn first. Check out this free course.

Learning How to Learn is a free online self-paced course by UC San Diego that summarizes key findings in neuroscience about how we learn and how you too can rewire your brain to new knowledge.


There are lots of free resources, programmes and websites where you can learn tech and programming and you will have to befriend Google on that. Please consider using the latest articles and resources because tech is rapidly changing.

In the end, don't just learn how to code, learn how to programme!


Once again, hope this motivates you to learn to program if you haven't tried it out yet.

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