Blockchain Innovation Program to Train 50 Ugandans

Blockchain Innovation Program to Train 50 Ugandans

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The inaugural edition of the Blockchain Innovation Program, Uganda, began last week on 2nd September 2022. The program is targeted at East Africa with a special focus on Uganda as well as East Africa to expose young people and entrepreneurs to opportunities in the blockchain industry.


Speaking about the event, Reginald Tumusiime, the CEO of CapitalSavvy, reiterated that the conference which was hosted in partnership with BSV Academy and Block Dojo is meant to drive blockchain education and adoption across East Africa.

After the event, 50 entrepreneurs will be selected for Cohort 1. They will register with $50 to be trained by the BSV Academy, and Block Bojo. There will be a refund of $50 for those who are not selected.

Breakdown of the selection process

All the 50 selected persons, who are expected to have basic skills in development, will go through a series of training, and meetups for 10 weeks to learn about the basics of blockchain as well as wellness, communication skills, and project management.

A Hackathon event will be held at the end of the 10 weeks where one entrepreneur will emerge as the winner.

The winner will attend an accelerator program, said the CEO, which will be hosted by Block Dojo in London, for 12 weeks. During this time, the person will be tutored by business leaders on startup obstacles, and any other skills that are related to building a viable product.

Following the 12 weeks of training is a funding opportunity where business ideas will be pitched to investors as a means of raising capital.

However, the other 49 persons will continuously have access to the BSV Academy to learn about blockchain and connect with several global organizations building solutions on the network.

Reginald Tumusiime assured the audience that there are plans to make the program three times a year so that there will be three cohorts each year.


Registration is open but will close on the 19th of September, 2022 while the first training starts on the 3rd of October, 2022.

The rest of the entrepreneurs in the program will be exposed to several projects within the BSV Blockchain ecosystem where they will have opportunities to be gainfully employed, immediately applying the acquired skills.

Every two weeks, one-hour live coaching and Q&A will be scheduled, coinciding with the physical meet-ups.

Interested applicants can visit with a minimum set of requirements being;

Foundation skills in data structures.

Proficiency in programming languages such as Java, C++, Python, and JavaScript.

Experience with building tech-centric solutions to real-world challenges.

The Prizes

During the training at Dojo, the winner of Cohort 1 will be put through an intense program, well get you your first mentors, advisors, Jay explained on a live zoom call. Well teach you the basics of financial modeling.

The winner will also be taught how to develop a company, and the basics of financial analysis, and will be granted access to premium blockchain services like development, and product design.

In the last 8 months, Dojo has helped train 17 teams through the 12 weeks incubator program with 瞿500,000 raised altogether.

Dojo will support the winner of the BPI Cohort 1 with funding of 瞿10,000 in cash and 瞿100,000 in services. Jay also elaborated that as part of their commitment to seeing the business idea of the winner flourish, all leaders of Dojo will have a stake in the startup while Dobo will have a 10% stake in it.

Block Dojo was well represented during the Blockchain Innovation Program (BPI), Uganda, by Jay Gujaral, the Managing Director, UK Satoshi Block Dojo. He explained that Dojo was focused on democratizing knowledge, and learning.

As a blockchain incubator, Dojo has a 12 weeks series of training for upcoming startups, explained Jay, to help build their ideas and more importantly turn theories of building successful businesses into real-world use cases.

The winner of Cohort 1 of the maiden edition of the Blockchain Innovation Program, Uganda, will be traveling to London to attend this 12 weeks of intense training as promised by the Dojo team.


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