How I Made 13k+ Blog Views In Just 3 Months!

How I Made 13k+ Blog Views In Just 3 Months!

Hey buddy👋, I am going to brag a little today and show you how I made 13,000 + blog views with 5 badges, trended number 2 for a week plus the tools that I use.

yay (1).png I joined in March but the real writing journey began in late August when I decided to start blogging and vlogging at the same time. These would run concurrently whether I liked it or not.

At first, I was like this guy in making the decision to write:

Tweet by pumpkin spice x (1).png

The 3-Months Roller Coster Journey:

Before I begin, I want to take this moment to appreciate @hashnode for the amazing community and the fact that I had to custom map my own domain for my blog.

tenor (1).gif
I am proudly part of Hashnode and forever Team Hashnode. I am constantly marketing and spreading the word here in Uganda to my fellow devs and encouraging them to write especially here.

I won't dive into why you should consider Hashnode, there are many reasons mentioned in this blog by @Catalinpit but what stands out for me is the domain mapping and the already available community of readers.

The Stats 〽:

As you can see in the picture below, I have garnered over 13,000 views with over 20 followers and over 30 blogs with the highest blog having 5,800 + views which happened to be my third post actually😮!


The Tools I Use 🛠:

Let me share with you the tools I use in order to achieve and write my blogs. These are very basic tools anyone can learn online and get going in just a second. 🚀


🔹 Canva
🔹 REMove bg
🔹 Tenor

Social Media Sharing:

One I can't fail to do is social media posting and I have got some following and good readers through:
🔹 Reddit
🔹 Hacker News
🔹 Morioh
🔹 Twitter -Follow me here 🙂
🔹 Linked In
🔹 Whatsapp Statuses

I also vlog about some articles: Follow me on YouTube 😋

So, I usually make sure that I share my post to all those channels every time I do one because it helps drive traffic to my blog and get many referrals too. Do This Too, Don't Just Post Your Blog!

Other tools are usually reading materials where I reference my sharing and what I have learnt over time and these could be official docs, tutorials and articles from different sources.

The Advice📌:

Just like Johnnie Walker keeps walking, just keep writing friend. Sometimes you seem not to have content but surely I tell you, content is always there for example I have a blog series of Kotlin for Python Devs which forces me to keep writing about it over time.

image.png I love this tweet by @TheAnkurTyagi, It makes a lot of sense and summarises almost everything that I wanted to write in this blog and therefore we are done here!

Blogging is great skill for a developer.

- You learn by doing.
- You learn faster.
- You got a lot of connections & leads.
- You can work on different tech stacks
- It’s a great form of self-expression.
- It encourages creativity.
- It helps to connect with your Imagination.

— Ankur💻🎧💪 (@TheAnkurTyagi) November 12, 2021

Just Blog but cross-check with official resources.
Bye 👋 ! Happy Coding, Happy Learning & Happy Blogging 🚀🚀

Ronnie Atuhaire 🤓