Stop Memorizing Code! Do This Instead...

Stop Memorizing Code! Do This Instead...

If you are a beginner and trying to learn code by memorizing, you are doomed to fail (Honestly). It will soon be hard for you because there are millions of functions, methods, programming languages, etc.

One of the significant purposes modern computers pose; to try and exist is so a human doesn't have to remember everything. Pass on it to the machine, it improves at it than any human could do.

Stop Memorizing Code!

Figuring out how to program isn't similar to learning history or Law. You don't retain it. You figure out how to utilize it and consider it. For example, it's more similar to learning Maths.

You can retain however much you wish, yet you'd just begin to "get" it by doing since that is the thing you're pursuing (accomplishing something not recalling how another person got it done).


Programming is an evolving field and things will change, unlike History. As a programmer, you will spend more time learning new things and using the documentation for various methods. For instance, you might forget a Python List method, but if you googled it, boom it's right before you..or try the official docs.. or get a helper method like help, or dir()...

As a matter of fact, when you begin turning into a decent developer, it's more similar to figuring out how to ride a bike. It's not something you recall by any stretch of the imagination. It's more regular and closely intuitive all things being equal.


Do This Instead

Instead of focusing to memorise all those functions, methods, keywords, etc. Try to get the concepts because they will stick. I have been programming for over two years now and I can surely tell you that I sometimes google a for loop in Javascript! Yes, you won't stop googling.

A few pieces and concepts of the language & programming turn out to be important for your jargon same as talking in some human language needn't bother with you to continually review all expressions of that language. Some of them are just there right away, others you might need to look in a word reference.


So, instead of trying to memorize more, you should focus more on building projects. Use project-based learning instead of memorizing code-based.

Also, because of the reality of advancing by doing & practicing, you recollect the stuff you utilize the most without remembering anything. The demonstration of doing incorporates them into your memory. You don't have to compel them in there - it's a characteristic consequence of rehearsing.


However, memorization is not a bad idea because it can help you ace your school education. There is little or no applicability in programming since there is too much to memorize!


Once again, hope you learned something today from my little closet.

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